Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Currents and landmasses

Okay so it hasn't all been pigs.  I have been working on a private commission, a series of slabs, blocks call them what you will, these are based on a previous series of works I created called slabs and tables.  The client recently bought four of these and now wants a further six.  This is the outcome as series of what seems to me flowing currents and landmasses, now whether this stems from my reading of 'The Old Paths' by Robert Macfarlane I am not sure, but I have certainly been knocked by his eddies through the Minch!  The book is magnificent, a joy of journey and literature, his writing is so so good, I am with him every inch of the way.


  1. Love them, M! And yes 'The Old Ways' is one wonderful book :-). Did you ever read Adam Nicolson's 'Sea Room', speaking the the Minch? His description of the building of a birlinn made me want to go and build one myself, immediately. Or, in a parallel life where I had some dosh, commission one from someone who knows his wood ;-). xx

  2. who would that be? No I haven't read that book I shall put it on my list immediately. xx

  3. actually building a birlinn maybe beyond me, but a pictish relief carving might not.