Friday, 20 April 2012

Stuff happening

On monday I start the Cargoes project, a project based around the east midlands working with two canal boats, 5 other artists and the next three months, Workshops will abound, probably listening to the canal water with the use of hydrophones, homemade plumbing stuff,  pipes and funnels et al.  Workshops listening to above the canal creating words, poems, stories etc, in June I am hoping to spend 6 days making a camera obscure to view the 'transit of venus' close to the space centre in Leicester.  Lots of other things will happen, I hope to keep things posted here and also on the Breath Of Fresh Air blog see for all the artists intentions and creations.

I also with my music hat on have to important gigs  coming up soon.......On the 2nd of May I am playing at the 'Noise Floor Festival, at Stafford University at 1.30 in the afternoon and on the 4th of May my band, Gimlet-Eyed Mariners are playing at the Brighton Festival at the Phoenix gallery details from this website:

So busy times and more news of a residency in America at I-Park for weeks in August- September creating music, details will follow.

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