Friday, 6 January 2012

On a beach in north somerset

A short film of me playing my own 'fish bass' see early blogs for pictures of the instrument.
Filmed by Rupert Green on a breezy day towards the end of december. This is a short version I have put a longer version on you tube
The busking amp was brilliant as was the hd camera and very good mic borrowed from the Neroche project team..many thanks to Gavin.


  1. liked it, Don Miguel; seems making instruments and sounds could be a fruitful avenue to explore. Thoughts: where was the mike? I know it's all genius loci, but am debating with myself whether the wind waffle enhances or detracts; like, when they make music vids they are just lip syncing, are they not, the actual recording is studio-based and dubbed onto the outdoor scenes afterwards. Enboldens me to activate some of my own 'wierd sound' schemes which at the moment are just stuck on my hard-drive. Hmmm, maybe even my 'Perhapsichord' - perhaps it plays, perhaps it doesn't (no, I'm not joking); all sorts of word schemes have just jumped into my head. Thank you so much

  2. Glad you liked it Ralph.. The mic is close to the battery amp on the first part of the film and hidden by rocks. On the second the mic is being held near to the camera behind some rocks to alleviate as much of the noise as possible but not all. You are right I really wanted the sound to be real and of the time and no studio stuff, I think that it works. Come down for a play sometime with words, my instruments, a camera and mics and we can have a day recording, in woods , fields, beaches...wherever.