Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Pole

So amongst the gales, the rain, the onset of winter, I have been seeking solace in my weatherbeaten studio at Hurstone. I have been making more instruments to play, to create a noise, as one is finished so it informs another..Here we have the first attempt at an acoustic chamber, a trip into the wood, a large fallen oak and chainsaw in hand the bottom part is cut and hollowed out, plunge cutting a cone to remove and finishing off with an arbourtech.

A large Hazel pole is cut to hold the piano tuning keys and then the wires, a spiral of wires of differing lengths to enable different sounds.

I also thought that it would be rather good to have a circle of glass marbles at the top of the chamber so that a light source could be put inside and the marbles will glow with the light when performing..Yes the visual element is important as well, the theatrical element onstage. These are sculptures too, the aesthetic that I bring to all I make both visually and aurally. So to the playing, so far I haven't amplified or used any means of tone generator, this little beast has plenty of sounds, bowing it brings a range, plucking and striking too. The first gig I can bring it out will be the 21st January at the Congregational Church in there is one for the diary already. I can't wait to get this beast into the performing arena.

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