Friday, 7 October 2011

A Night of Light

A Night of Light at Hestercombe Gardens: One night only part of Somerset Art Weeks.
I installed my piece of video and sound in a tunnel. When I created this piece in 2001 as part of 'Genius Loci' a year of the artist project this tunnel hadn't been dug out and the original was shown in the orangery, (not very satisfactory). Now the piece has come home and the setting was perfect. The sound rang around the tunnel and the resonance of the Water's Journey was now complete, especially the big booming sounds of the waterfall. Now that was another issue, the water course has changed so much over the ensuing 10 years, the waterfall doesn't. Some of the rills have no water, the video of the Water's journey has become an historical document by mistake. But this was to set the record straight and my how well it worked in that tunnel especially as the evening got darker and darker, the visual display hang in the darkness and the aural sound filled the space. I can go home happy now after those tens years.


  1. These look great - the carving has come out a treat. relief carving - can't beat it.

  2. That was quick off the Mark mr f, well done