Tuesday, 18 May 2010

From The Sea

Again the shape of the wood dictates. I have been cutting and shaping a number of pieces of oak from the wood. Cutting to what I think may work with a chainsaw, storing and then looking and recutting with chainsaw and shaping with an axe. These then get taken to my home workshop where they are worked with an arbourtech, chisels, drawknife, spokeshaves and then drilled with bits or countersinks. Finally they are charred with a blow torch, wire wooled, polished and photographed for the blog. This has kept me on top of the photographing as in the past I have forgotten to photograph and then sold a piece and that's it gone from my memory! So blogs can work and be useful.


  1. These pieces look fantastic! There's still plenty of life in burnt wood yet! And you have been so prolific. Fabulous work! See you at the Banterbox tonite.